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Creating memories in every cup

In the warmth of a cafe, life brews stories one cup at a time.


    01Behind Fifth Avenue Cafe

    Immerse yourself in the design and philosophy behind Fifth Avenue Cafe’s iconic ambiance. From contemporary aesthetics to warm lighting, understand our commitment to creating a soothing atmosphere. Explore to unveil the charm.


    02The Art of Coffee

    Dive deep into Fifth Avenue Cafe’s coffee culture. From selecting the finest beans to expert brewing techniques, uncover the secrets behind our mesmerizing brews. Join us for a caffeinated exploration.


    03Chef's Secret Ingredient

    Our master chef unveils the secret behind Fifth Avenue Cafe’s culinary magic. From hand-picked ingredients to unique recipes, explore what makes our dishes unforgettable. Dive in for a gourmet revelation.


    Signature Dishes

    A Delightful Fusion of Flavors and Traditions

    Embark on a delectable journey with Fifth Avenue Cafe’s signature dishes. Our menu, crafted with love and skill, brings together the richness of diverse cuisines, while staying true to local flavors. Each dish tells a story – of traditions, of regions, and of the chef’s personal experiences. As you indulge in our delicacies, you not only taste the quality ingredients, but also the passion that goes into creating each plate. Discover the art of fine dining through our menu, where every dish is a masterpiece, every bite a celebration.

    East Brisbane Cafe

    Exquisite Cuisine

    Savor the fusion of global flavors crafted with handpicked, high-quality ingredients at Fifth Avenue Cafe. Every dish is an adventure, opening doors to culinary excellence and creativity.

    East Brisbane Cafe

    Unmatched Ambience

    Soak in our sophisticated and warm atmosphere. Meticulously designed interiors and comforting lighting provide an oasis of calm, making your dining experience truly unforgettable.

    East Brisbane Cafe

    Superlative Service

    At Fifth Avenue Cafe, we believe that service is as important as the food. Our professional and friendly staff are committed to making your visit enjoyable and hassle-free, every single time.

    East Brisbane Cafe

    Location Advantage

    Situated in the bustling heart of the city, Fifth Avenue Cafe offers the perfect escape amidst the urban rush. Enjoy world-class dining right at your convenience, making your city experience even better.

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    Try the best coffee in the city

    Savor Brisbane's best coffee at Fifth Avenue Cafe. Experience our expertly brewed, premium beverages that elevate your caffeine indulgence.

    What Happens Here

    Favourite Flavours

    • Toast


      Turkish / Sourdough                       
    • Toast


      Rasin / Bannana                             
    • Avocado on Toast


      Smashed avocado, fetta, lemon & dukkah.          
    • HCT Croissant


      Croissant toasted with ham, cheese & tomato.        
    • Eggs Your Way


      Your choice of eggs, served with tomato relish & toasted sourdough.
    • Breakfast Burger


      Bacon, fried egg, cheese & BBQ on brioche.
    • Calamari Salad


      Bocconcini, tomatoes, radish, wafers, orange segments & watercress. Topped with calamari & a sweet, tangy wasabi dressing.
    • Greek Salad


      Chunky tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, Greek fetta with a olive oil dressing. Add chicken $5
    • Calamari


      Lightly flavoured salt & pepper calamari with aioli.
    • Beef Nachos


      Corn chips topped with savoury mince, tomato salsa, sour cream, smashed avocado & cheese.
    • Fish & Chips


      Fried market fish served with fries, a lemon wedge & tartar sauce.
    • Beef Lasagne


      Oven baked & slow cooked. Served with fries or a garden salad.


    Rhyanna K
    Rhyanna K
    Some of the best coffee my partner and I have ever had in Brisbane!
    s a
    s a
    Best coffee ever! The food is delicious
    Megan Burns
    Megan Burns
    Customer service is top notch. Friendly, very accommodating and beautiful staff and management
    Felicity Ward
    Felicity Ward
    The food was super delicious at a great price - this place deserves to to full every lunch hour - we had the salmon, a chicken burger and a loaded croissant - loved it
    anmol shrestha
    anmol shrestha
    Amazing food and good atmosphere. The eggs Benedict was one of the best I've ever had.
    Amanda Owens
    Amanda Owens
    Thanks Sam for such wonderful service today. Coffee's and Burgers were bang on!! If we're ever in the area we'll definitely be back for Lunch. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
    paul arnold
    paul arnold
    Oh my goodness! Best pancakes EVER! Beautiful people who obviously love what they do. Highly recommend. 😊
    Alan Millett
    Alan Millett
    A little gem. Yes, I'll give it 5 stars too. Great service, good coffee and menu looks a good standard I had a smooth long black and a HCT croissant as I wasn't hungry enough to try eggs benny or a burger, but I will. Cool vibe despite the Stanley St traffic noise. Went back for the eggs benny with salmon. Not disappointed.
    Liz Leys
    Liz Leys
    Delicious coffee served by two really friendly guys . The raspberry muffin was beautiful. Will be back .

    Signature Cupcakes

    Simply Cupcakes – Exclusive at Fifth Avenue Cafe

    Searching for Brisbane’s finest cupcakes? Discover Simply Cupcakes, Queensland’s top choice, now exclusively available at Fifth Avenue Cafe in East Brisbane!

    Originating from the Gold Coast, this family-run enterprise boasts over 20 years of crafting exceptional cupcakes. Every piece is handcrafted, baked passionately, ensuring an unmatched taste for every event – be it birthdays or corporate functions.

    For those seeking the essence of quality and tradition in a cupcake, Simply Cupcakes is your ultimate destination. And while we no longer deliver, we invite you to visit Fifth Avenue Cafe, the sole Brisbane outlet, to indulge in these delightful treats.


    What Happens Here